Beginning a new chapter…

As she stood near her father’s coffin watching as it was lowered to the ground, she tried to dredge up some feeling, memory or any trait of her fathers. The sad part was, she didn’t know if it was good or bad that she couldn’t remember any. The thing was – her father had such good relationship with his parents that he deemed any relationship with his own daughter of any importance.

She remembered the feeling of inadequacy she felt whenever she met him for holidays and dinners, the sense of hopelessness that her father would never love her; seeing as how she resembled her mother whom her father had loved and lost as she died on childbed.

She shook herself mentally. There was the ceremonial to be hosted, where again she’d have to put up a brave face and accept people’s insincere condolences. She turned, looking for her husband – her rock in times of storm. As she took his arm, accepting his silent support and started walking towards the old house where her father had lived; she told herself she was ready to face the sea of people after which she would return home to the life she knew and people she loved. A new chapter was waiting to be started!!


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