She was tired of being pushed around. Tired of always being an emotional punch bag for people. She hated being out of control and most of all she was tired of being asked to shut up whenever she tried to raise her voice.

Never understood by people, being branded as a pompous brat by her relatives – a fact asserted by her parents. Truth be told, her “pompousness” was just a pretense. A ruse. A defense mechanism she’d developed when was young; way too young to cover up her feelings. Feelings of being abandoned, of disillusionment, helplessness and the feeling of being never good enough.

Question is… Would she let anyone see beyond the smokescreen she had created and discover who she really was? Would she even try?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. vishal
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 19:05:49

    Yes she will. With the right person; and then its only the good she feels about everything around 🙂 THE GOOD she spreads 🙂


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