No. It’s not too late…

As she sat in front of her system to type out a fresh set of statistical data, she was suddenly hit by a nostalgic train of thoughts. She looked at the sheets of raw data in front of her – the numbers she had to churn in. She had a sudden siege of anxiety.
What was she doing in her life? Why was she here? What has been her contribution to the society? She couldn’t stop her thoughts now. She abandoned her desk. Went to the french windows and stood facing the city beneath her feet. As she stood there, she remembered the promises she had made to herself when she was growing up.
She’d told herself she’ll be an author when she grew up. Write a love story set in Spain. Another love story in Italy and then Greece. She turned back and looked at her laptop, the Microsoft Excel program blinked back at her. She went back to it, saved the work she had done and closed it. She had two more days to submit it, she’d do it later. Now, she would set to write an outline for her book. The one in Spain.
Yes, she had to work ‘coz she had to support herself, but that didn’t mean she had to give up on her dream because of it! She smiled to herself… she was going to make it!


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