Same words, new meaning.

“When you are right, no one remembers…
When you are wrong, no one forgets!!!”

These were the words told by one of my teachers to me when I was a teenager. At 15, I took these words as a gospel truth. They would be written on everybody’s slam book that I was given to fill. The thing is; at that point of time, it was my solace – my moral thermometer you can say- which guided me and kind of threatened me into doing only the “right things” (gosh!! I dunno what I was thinking at that time!!).

But now, several years later, I suddenly realized it has come to a point where these words have an entirely new meaning to me. My teenage take on the quote – “once if I commit a mistake I would be talked about, criticized to no end about my imperfections. So I must steer clear and not taint myself”.

My current take – “people are going to talk about you no matter what!! So I live my life the way i want it and not let others affect it”. Because at the end of the day, we are answerable to ourselves and we are the ones going through whatever – good or bad – that’s going on in our lives. So there’s no point bothering about what really the other’s think about us is it??

So… my dear worry warts, please release yourselves from the salt sack you’re carrying on your head which gets heavy after every “unmentionable” thing you think you did!! Cut yourself some slack and go enjoy a nutty slice of life!!



The yin-yang has always been misconstrued as opposite forces, the good and the bad… In actuality, it is complementary forces aiding a goal; an inseparable whole. A reaction for every action, a solution for every problem. The convergence of the shadow and the light to restore balance of the immense universe…

Why do parents bitch about others’ kids??

So me and my girls were having a cosy chat and the topic moved on to how other children’s parents tend to care more about the whereabouts of children other than their own! That got me thinking… In my opinion it’s a defence mechanism that parents adopt when their own kids do not listen to them.

By pointing out others’ mistakes they can escape out of feeling like improper parents unable to control their own kids. My question is:

Why the melodramatic riot act citation??

Why can’t they just let the kids be? If a girl is out with a boy, or vice versa then let it be! What concern is it of yours? When it’s not affecting your own health, why bother??

My advice to all those holier than thou parents – please take a good look at your own kids before pointing out at others. Others children are not your responsibility. Sit back with a cup of steaming coffee, kick back and watch your favourite sitcom running on the tele!!