New Life

How time flies, she thought as she stared out of the window, looking at the beautiful skyline offered to her in her high-rise apartment. She was afraid of heights but, this was one place where she felt safe.

Tranquility stole into her soul like a balm and she smiled at the city. This city meant a lot to her. It shaped her into what she is today, made her shed her facade and don her original demeanor. It made her accept herself and finally put all her demons at rest. Well, most. But she no more indulged in self-pity.

She was surrounded by people who loved her. She kept in touch with her friends and family with a vengeance. That kept her away from negativity. She was at peace. As the colors of the dawn unfurled before her eyes, she turned her wheelchair away from the window and wheeled herself around to feed her furry pet – a spunky labrador.

The accident took both her legs, but it didn’t take away her zeal for life. Life was good.